Have you ever wanted to print something as you were walking in the office only to have to sit down and fire up your computer? If you have, it was probably an email or an article you were reading on your phone. Today mobile printing is an option, and it’s simple to do.

Freedom From Your Desk

Establish Device and Printer Connection**

  • With an Apple Product An Apple product, such as an iPhone or an iPad, will use the iOS software. To connect with a printer using Apple products the printer or multifunction copier needs to be AirPrint compatible. If it is compatible, both the device and the printer need to have the same Wi-Fi connection to be able to print. If the printer does not support AirPrint, most large names such as HP and Epson have apps you can download for your device.
  • With an Android Product An Android device will connect with Google Cloud Print. Connect the printer you are using to a computer with internet access. Then you will have to use a Gmail account where you will be able to print e-mail attachments or documents stored in Google Drive.

Secure Your Printing

  • Passcode Protection The beauty of mobile printing is that you can do it from anywhere. The downside is your documents are more vulnerable to prying eyes. To limit the amount of exposure to sensitive data have a user required passcode installed on the printer you will be using. This will ensure only you are intercepting your documents in case you are not standing there immediately when a document prints.

Any Device, Any Machine

As long as you follow the connection requirements between device and equipment you can whatever multifunction copier you have in your office. Take advantage of this technology to print documents right when you receive them on your phone.

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