A lot of thought went into choosing the right printer for your business. Along the way, you probably asked yourself a few questions about what you were looking for in a printer and figured out what functions were most important to you. Now that you’ve got the machine, it’s time to use it to the best of its ability. Take a look at how to get the most out of your printer by utilizing the following functions.

To Save Money

When printing basic forms and documents, it’s best to adjust your printer settings to induce cost savings.

*Greyscale: This is the lowest quality setting for font color. If you are printing primarily text, this is an appropriate setting

*Duplex printing: Cut back on the use of paper by printing on both sides. You’ll save money and have less of an environmental impact.

*Turning Toner Save Mode on: This setting will decrease the resolution and save resources.

*Copy and paste from web browsers: Instead of selecting print from your web browser directly, transfer the text to a text editing document to condense some pages needed for printing.

To Increase Quality

For projects that require increased quality printing, you can take advantage of settings that create a superior product.

*Use manufacture recommend products: Printers are made to work best with approved products, and it will show in your printing.

*Maintain and clean your printer: To maximize the use and longevity of your printer, continue to keep all aspects of the inner parts clean from debris that builds up. Likewise, protect the outside of your printer from the surrounding environment.

*Adjust print speed: Slow down the speed of printing to produce quality prints that take more time such as those in color or with high resolution.

The Control Is Yours

Your printer has one job, to work for you. Whether you are looking to cut costs or improve your printing quality, your printer can be adjusted.

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