It’s great to know that managed print is efficient, effective, and reliable, but do you know how it works? Today we’ll show you what makes managed print “tick!”

Managed Print Overview

Managed print services is a solution that many businesses are turning to save money, boost efficiency, and minimize security risks. At its heart, managed print is an answer to all of your print problems: supply ordering and storage, machine maintenance, security both online and offline, budget control, and so much more. You get to put your stress and responsibilities in trustworthy, professional hands, all without completely giving up control. It’s the best of both worlds!

How it Works

Managed print works by analyzing your print environment from top to bottom and then using this data to help you make careful, informed decisions about your workflows and processes. This is called a “print audit.”

A print audit focuses on:

  • printers, helping you consolidate or expand your fleet depending on your needs as well as ensuring that you’re using the most efficient settings;
  • print habits, allowing you to understand better what you print, why, and how often (including the number of color vs. black and white prints you make) so that you can make efficient changes to your workflow;
  • supplies, making sure that you know exactly what you need and when to order it (as well as how to organize it efficiently);
  • budget, giving you insight into how you spend your money and what changes you could make to be more efficient without cutting corners,
  • and security, identifying risks in your processes and helping you come up with targeted solutions to protect your printers, data, and business.

That’s how managed print works–now, what can it do for you? Contact us today to find out!