You know managed print for its ability to improve your daily operations, but did you know it can help to digitize your office? Many businesses are beginning to collaborate on the cloud where they can store and access documents. Paper will always have a place in the office, but it is time to reduce our dependence on it.

Going Digital

People and Paper

Managed print is as much about who is printing, as it is about what is being printed. In the process of evaluating your infrastructure, a primary goal will be to reduce printing costs. To reduce printing, you should begin to consider how to digitize tasks typically performed with paper. For example, signing documents can be done electronically, or you could present training manuals as PDFs instead of printing the document.

Fleet Assessment

Assessing if you have enough printers to get work done and if your printing fleet is effective will be one of the first steps of managed print. This step will also include making sure that all of your equipment is up to date. A managed print service will not encourage you to lease or purchase new equipment that does not line up with your transition to a digital office.

Data Security

People may be printing documents for their records and fear the security of storing information digitally. A lot of paper is wasted by immediately filing after printing. This is a great situation to encourage people to consider the reasons they are printing. Educate them on the security of the cloud and how printing less will help your environmental impact.

Cost Savings

One of the primary goals of managed print services is cutting cost through print reduction. As you move away from paper, you can use these cost savings to help your IT team focus on projects that will keep you updated on current technology.

Managed print has many benefits that will enhance productivity in your office while keeping you under budget. For a more organized, efficient printing process, don’t forget it starts with people. Have your employees on board, and you will see an improvement in no time.

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