Nothing big happens overnight, and new processes such as managed print can throw some people for a loop. Paper has always had a role to play and business and won’t disappear anytime soon. Only now we have the technology to transition from dependence on paper documents to a more digitized work environment. Managed print services will evaluate your printing infrastructure and make recommendations to improve daily operations.

Decide What Good Looks Like

Set goals for your office so they can see what success is. As you work towards more responsible printing practices, people will like to know they are printing appropriately.

  • When You Should Use Paper People should be aware that paper is not banned and there are appropriate times to print. These will include whatever your teams or employees decide will be on the ‘good’ paper list. You can also determine when to use duplex printing or color.
  • Alternatives for Paper As you begin to reduce your printing practices, you will see where there are digital processes for tasks normally done with paper. For example, You can use e-forms and electronic workflows for supply ordering and other logistics.
  • Device Usage Managed print services will be evaluating your printing fleet and if it is efficient for your workload. Your employees may have to adjust to a decrease in machines, but it should balance out as they being to print less.

Getting Organized

A primary goal of implementing policies through managed print is to organize your resources and reduce waste. Printing policies will help your employees adhere to the recommendations made to reduce gaps in productivity.

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