It’s easy to see the big picture when creating budgets. What takes us by surprise are the costs we didn’t see coming. If you’re not careful, your printing budget can be eaten up by avoidable expenses. Use managed print services to help get rid of these costs. Managed print is a service that will monitor printing processes and ensure they are running efficiently.

1. Consumables

It’s the smaller numbers that add up over time. Print cartridges and paper have a little monthly impact but might surprise you when you see the yearly cost. Managed print puts a structured ordering process into place to make sure that your office only purchases consumables when needed.

2. Ignoring Long-Term Costs

If you’re in the market for a new printer or copier, there is more to consider than the upfront cost when it comes to expense. Cost-per-copy and use of print cartridges all need to be weighed out. Managed print services start their process with an assessment of your printing fleet and can help you decide what you’re lacking and the features that will fill in needed gaps so you can make the most appropriate purchase.

3. Poor Arrangement

One aspect of the managed print assessment is analyzing the productivity of your printing fleet. If people are sending high-volume jobs to an older printer and simple texts jobs to a high-speed color printer, there is a misdirection of workflows. Fix lost productivity to gain back lost revenue.

4. Unnecessary Printing

In a predominately digital world, the need to print exists but has been minimized. If your staff still prints documents that can be sent and edited online, managed print will catch these overprinting issues. A print policy that stresses responsible printing will decrease costs.

If you want to increase efficiency and reduce your printing expenses, start with a managed print program. To learn more, call us today!