Managed print is a service that examines your current printing practices and helps implement new strategies to run an efficient and less expensive printing fleet. Here are four facts about managed print you need to know.

You Will Spend Less

With the help of managed print, you will discover money you didn’t even know you were spending. The goal of the service is to pinpoint the areas where unnecessary spending is occurring. This could be in the shape of maintenance on old machines, or departments are printing in color excessively. This process, in turn, will also reduce inefficiencies.

Time Will Be Spent Efficiently

Managed print services let an outside source handle behind the scenes tasks. This frees up your staff to focus on business critical priorities. No longer will you have to concentrate efforts on when and how much paper or ink to order to keep operations running. You also won’t have to think about maintaining machines that are out of date, because managed print runs an analysis of your printing fleet as their first phase.

Your IT Systems Will Be Protected

As part of the initial printing fleet analysis, your managed print service will alert you to any holes in your security system. If you have industry compliance’s to meet, they will update systems and put policies into place. Also, if you’d like to secure sensitive information, they can recommend advanced security measures.

Your Office Will Improve Sustainability

An extended benefit of managed print is the reduced waste that follows. When you enact new policies and restrictions, you minimize the amount of unnecessary printing. You’ll also become more sustainable in your energy consumption. Old and outdated printing equipment uses a lot of energy that is wasteful.

Managed print is a service that will all around benefit your business. You will save money in areas you didn’t expect while increasing the productivity of your employees. You will also enjoy the additional benefits of increased security and sustainability. To learn more about managed print and how it can transform your business, contact us today!