The purchase of a multifunction copier is an investment that should last. While you may think you are getting the most productivity possible out of your machine, you might be missing out on some unique features.

3 Features to Take Advantage Of

Make Your Office Greener

There are a lot of ways your multifunction copier can make your office greener. You can begin by changing some of your copying and printing settings. Start with setting your print options to duplex to create documents that print on both sides. Next, turn toner save mode on. This setting will help to conserve resources and minimize the amount of toner used.

Create a Professional Project

Have you thought about creating professional looking brochures or pamphlets? There is no reason to send these jobs off-site when you can do them right in your office. Finishing options give you the ability to create various folds, like Z-fold or C-fold, for different looks. You can even put multiple sheets together with hole punches or staples.

Set a Passcode

If you want to control who has access to documents at your multifunction copier you can install a passcode. Passcode protection will require users to enter their pin to release print jobs. Holding print jobs will ensure that only authorized users are in possession of sensitive data. Look into additional security features on your equipment to strengthen your protection.

Impact Daily Operations

There are always ways to improve the workflow of your office. Sometimes these improvements don’t require new software or technology, but rather a new view of what you already have. Take advantage of what your multifunction copier has to provide you with: a greener office, professional projects, and secure data.

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