You have decided that a multi-function copier is a right choice for your office. The multi-function copier market is full of products, so how does one go about deciding what to purchase? Think about your current business and what machines you are using most often. What features are essential and which have you forgotten about just because they go unused? Zero in on what exactly it is you are looking for, and you will walk away with the right machine. Consider the compiled list of questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I print in color or just black? Not every machine is a color printer and even if you only print black text, consider if you may want a color printer for future projects.
  2. Do I have room for a larger machine or does it need to fit in a particular area? Multi-function copiers range in size, measure out your space before hadn’t so you don’t buy something that doesn’t fit.
  3. Do I need the ability to fax? A fax is not included in all multi-function copiers.
  4. Would I like duplex printing, copying, or scanning? If you’re hoping to scan both sides of a page at once, double check that that feature is available. Duplex printing does not always mean an addition of duplex copying and scanning.
  5. What do the testimonials say about the level of service provided? Read about how other customers felt they were treated after the initial purchase of the machine.

Every multi-function copier varies slightly. What works for someone else may not be the perfect machine for you. The easiest way to ensure you purchase the right machine for you is to make a list of what you need. Preparation will weed out unnecessary features and secure you with what you need. We have experience with multi-function copiers and would love to help, contact us today.