All-in-one printers are an excellent choice for businesses looking to conserve space and technology. These multifunction machines offer impressive features to help a business increase efficiency and productivity. Evaluating your options for a multifunction printer can be daunting, with there being seemingly endless customizations and options for your company. Here are nine things for you to consider when making your decision:

1. Performance

Multifunction printers have a variety of capabilities; besides printing, they often can function as a scanner, copier, and as a fax machine. Consider what functions might help your company and make sure the manufacturer has not compromised on print quality to offer competitive pricing.

2. Inkjet Vs. Laser

Inkjet printers typically cost less than laser printers. The cartridges cost less to replace, and they offer a wide variety of print options. Laser printers will provide a better consistent, quality print, however. A laser printer’s cartridge will last significantly longer, making it more cost-effective over the long run.

3. Scanning Abilities

Scanning features that might help your company include an automatic document feeder, high-resolution scanning, and a flatbed scanner.

4. Resolution

One of your highest priorities for a printer is that it prints high-quality images and documents. Be sure to examine the DPI of the printers you are considering so you get a machine that will meet your business’ printing needs.

5. Print Speed and Performance

When choosing a printer, be sure to find a printer that boasts high print speeds but doesn’t sacrifice quality. You don’t want employees lined up at the printer, but you also don’t want poor prints.

6. Network and WIFI Connectivity

Connecting computers throughout the office to your multifunction printer is a critical piece of your business’ printing. If your company uses desktop computers, an Ethernet network will help connect computers to your printer. If your employees use laptops, you should consider a printer with WIFI connectivity options.

7. Compatibility with Computers

When choosing a multifunction printer, be sure to verify that the printer you are considering is compatible with your computers’ operating system. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to print from your computer to that printer.

8. Double-Sided Printing

Don’t just assume a printer has duplex features; you’ll want to verify that the model you are considering can print on both sides of the paper.

9. Easy Cartridge Replacement

If you choose an off-brand or lesser-known printer, make sure that the cartridges are easily accessible. If you purchase a more reputable printer, finding the right cartridges will be easier than trying to find an off-brand cartridge for your machine.

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