Whether it’s pleasure or business, we’re always on our phones. And in an increasingly fast-paced world, we have the power of the internet in our hands constantly. With cloud software that uses internet-based servers, we can access files in and out of the office. Now, with mobile printing, we can also print without using a desktop. Here are five ways to master mobile printing.

1. Get Everyone On Board

The beauty of mobile printing is that anyone can use it. Mastering mobile printing means your whole team understands how to use it effectively. This will create a more flexible workforce and increase the ability to work from anywhere. No longer will your employees suffer from having to wait to get back to their desk to print needed material.

2. Cut the Cord

Most people are used to printing strictly from their computer and are tied to the limitations that presents. Mobile printing allows you to access documents on cloud software and send them to your nearest printer. If you’re at a secondary branch or home you can still complete needed work tasks on time.

3. Use Any Gadget

Though it’s called mobile printing, the technology is not limited to your mobile phone. You can use a laptop or a tablet to print, no cord connection needed. Any gadget that can access wifi is made for mobile printing. When buying your next printer make mobile printing a priority if you don’t already have it.

4. Access Multifunction Abilities

Mobile printing allows you to put information on paper, but did you know you can digitize physical documents as well? There are apps available that allow your phone or tablet to act as a scanner. Take files and upload them to cloud software for collaboration while you’re on the go.

5. Increase Productivity

You’ll know you’ve truly mastered mobile printing when your team’s productivity is unstoppable. Embracing the current world of technology means being able to handle any situation thrown at you. Mobile printing gives you the power of true versatility.

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