If you have a laser multifunction copier, then you are familiar with purchasing toner cartridges. But how much do you know about the process of printing with toner and what is its composition? Brush up on a few things to know about toner.

Quick Facts About Toner

  • 1. Toner Can Be Magnetically Charged

We don’t overthink about how toner comes to stick to the paper we are printing on. Toner itself comes in powder form. To form text or pictures, multifunction copiers utilize an electrically charged drum that picks up the magnetically charged toner and glue it to the page with heat.

  • 2. It’s Created from Particles of Plastic

There are six colors of toner that can be combined to create colorful pictures. These six toner colors are powder, composed of super fine particles of plastic.

  • 3. What is OEM? (Original Equipment Manufacture)

Original equipment manufacturer refers to the toner that is the same brand as your multifunction copier.

  • 4. Toner Should be Changed Every 2,000 Pages

Whereas a copier will need an inkjet cartridge replacement every 500 pages, toner lasts much longer.

  • 5. Regular Maintenance Will Increase Lifespan

You can clean your toner cartridges to make sure dust and debris do not gather around them. Wiping with an activated toner cloth will collect toner particles that might be missed by other cleaning products. A maintained multifunction copier will always produce faster prints.

A Major Part of Your Copier

A multifunction copier that uses toner is known to supply crisp and clear images. Now that you know a few things about toner, if you are having issues with your quality of prints you have an idea of how your machine works.

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