Multifunction copiers are the backbone of a business. They provide copies, print documents, scan files, and some can even fax. Buying a machine should take careful consideration. Here are five smart strategies.

1. Print Volume

The type of multifunction copier you end up buying should match your print volume. Machines are built to handle different loads, and you don’t want to overspend or end up with a device that can’t handle your output.

2. Quality Needs

There is a wide range of costs associated with buying a multifunction copier. One element you will be able to debate on is the level of print quality. This doesn’t mean choosing between good and bad, but rather what type of documents you need to produce. If you are only making copies of black and white text documents, you don’t need to worry about a machine that provides high-quality graphic prints.

3. Ease of Use

When choosing between devices, you should spend some time working with the copiers user interface. If moving between settings and other choices is intuitive it’s probably a good fit. A multifunction copier that is difficult to use can frustrate employees and cause unneeded stress.

4. Security and Connectivity

A well used multifunction copier will be accessible both ethernet network interface and wirelessly. This allows for both desktop users and mobile devices to connect to the machine. Both connectivity types are secure but can be enhanced with other measures. The copier should have security software as well as user-initiated processes such as authorized passcodes.

5. Maintenance

Ensuring that a multifunction copier stands the test of time means it needs regular maintenance. When shopping around, ask the copier dealer what service agreements they provide.