Your printer incurs daily use and obviously takes energy and products to use. While you know that some expense must be made, it’s hidden costs that are an issue. Here are five to look for.

1. Consumables

Having to pay for paper and ink isn’t a hidden cost, but there are ways they can sneak up on you. If the ordering of consumables isn’t managed correctly, you can end up spending a lot more money than you wanted. Make sure everyone in the office is on the same page about when to order and who will place it, so you don’t end up with a closet full of extras.

2. Hardware

When you purchase a printer, the initial cost is upfront and visible, but it’s how much expenses pile up in the long run that can be hidden. Before you automatically choose a printer because it’s cheaper, remember that the cheaper the printer, the higher the operating cost.

3. Lost Productivity

Downtime means lack of productivity, lack of productivity means minimized profits. If you are wrestling with a printer that continually requires service calls your probably losing more money than you think.

4. Unnecessary Use

If your office does not have printing policies in place, it’s time to consider implementing them. Without guidelines, printers can be abused for personal use or inefficiently. If people are printing emails in color, it’s time to set some rules.

5. Maintenance

When there is an issue with the printer who do you call? If you said your IT department, then you’re not alone. Your IT team can repair and service a printer but then they are not focussing on the tasks on their list, therefore costing you.

Your printer can run more efficiently if you are aware of hidden costs. If you have more questions about strengthening your printing fleet, call us today!