We use printers so often and without issue, that when something isn’t working quite right, we notice immediately. If you’ve ever worked with a printer, there’s a high chance you’ve encountered one of these four problems.

1. Paper Jams

One of the most frequently encountered, and frustrating, printer problems is the paper jam. A paper jam occurs when paper becomes caught in the feeder and stops operation. The worst thing you can do is try and tear out the document. Instead, carefully turn the feed wheel and allow the paper to churn itself out.

To prevent paper jams make sure to use the right paper size and load it correctly. Dust can also accumulate and cause jams so clean the feed tires on a regular basis.

2. Cartridge or Toner Issue

Printing relies on a cartridge or toner being present and functioning within your machine. If your equipment is telling you there is a malfunction with the cartridge or toner, there could be one of two things happening. First, there could be a manufacturing error which can be corrected by the place of purchase. Secondly, you could be using an incompatible product, if so your quality will suffer.

3. Creased Prints

If your documents are continually coming out wrinkled, you should look at the paper quality and then your paper tray. Equipment such as feed and exit rollers can prevent sticking when worn out which will lead to a wrinkled document. If your paper is of good quality before being placed in the machine, have a technician review your printer.

4. Uneven Print Quality

You can usually fix light and dark print discrepancies in your printers settings. Resetting your density levels should be the solution. If the settings are not the source of the problem, the next place to look is the toner. If you’re not using the recommended product for your equipment, it could be causing the print quality problem.

Dealing with printer problems is frustrating and time-consuming. Quick fixes exist, but maintaining your machine regularly and using recommended products is the best way to keep your printer working its best.

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