Educational facilities are usually running on a tight budget and are always looking to make sure they are aware of every detail when it comes to cost. It may surprise many schools then when they find out their printing is taking a large piece out of their budget. Managed print is a service that analyzes your printing and deliveries strategies for reducing costs. Here are four ways managed print can benefit educational facilities.

1. Reduce Printing Costs

The first thing a managed print service provider is going to do is assess your current printing environment. Schools use a lot of paper in the processes that they use to facilitate education, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to reduce the amount of paper used. There are always ways to cut back on printing and readjust tasks so that people use less paper.

2. Minimize User Frustration

Printer downtime not only affects office systems but educational facilities as a whole. Managed print will cover maintenance and use proactive strategies to prevent downtime to minimize user frustration. Teachers will no longer worry that tests might be delayed or projects stalled.

3. Use New Technology

Often schools are working with a limited budget and feel they are restricted from upgrading their technology. Managed print will determine how best to consolidate your printing fleet and figure out a budget that can handle new investments.

4. Eliminate Inefficiencies

Managed print will consolidate all your service needs to come from one vendor. This is beneficial for the educational field because they are dealing with privacy and efficiency concerns. For example, a managed print service provider will order new ink before you run out leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

It’s easy to see how managed print can cut printing costs for educational facilities. Call us today to learn how you can get started with managed print!