Investing in office technology doesn’t need to be a blind maneuver. If you create a well thought out plan about how you want this technology to integrate into your office, you will find the right machine. Here are four strategies to use when buying a multifunction copier.

1. Consider the Long Run

Base your multifunction copier purchase on more than just the upfront purchase. Don’t forget to consider cost-per-page and the average cost of printer cartridges. Your cartridge costs will need to take into account that you use the machine for multiple processes. If you choose the right multifunction copier, your initial investment could lead to a drop in annual operational costs.

2. Remember to Integrate

Nothing is worse than finding out that your new multifunction copier is not compatible with your current IT network. Consult with your IT team before shopping to understand what features your copier needs to be consistent.

3. Think About Processes

Investing in a new multifunction copier means you can look for features that accomplish tasks you were previously unable to complete. Finishing features such as hole punching or folding can take the manual labor out of large projects while mobile printing can increase flexibility. If you look at the copier as part of a whole new process, the possibilities are endless.

4. Start a Relationship

As you begin shopping for a multifunction copier, take note of your interactions with different copier dealers. Eventually, a problem or question about your machine will arise, and you want to work with a company that’s responsive and respectful of your time. Invest in building a relationship with a reputable dealer now to have the security of knowledge and expertise down the road.

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