A multifunction copier brings to mind a particular image and definition of what the machine can do. You might be surprised then, that multifunction copiers can have different sets of features. Some are better suited for larger companies while others benefit smaller businesses. Take a look at the following questions to figure out what your perfect multifunction copier would look like.

1. What type of printing do I do?

There are many reasons to buy a multifunction copier, mainly the fact that one machine can fulfill multiple office needs. The most used function will most likely be the printing part of the device, so it’s important to ask yourself what kind of printing you are most likely to do. Specifics to look at are speed and output quantity. If you are printing a minimal amount, then you can see machines on a lower budget. If you print frequently and need it quickly, it will be worth investing in a high-tech device.

2. What are automatic features and why do I need them?

This question fits in with the previous one. If you are printing a high output at a quick pace, an automatic document feeder is necessary and is not included on all machines. For your multifunction copier to benefit your business, you’ll want a model that grabs sheets automatically. This feature is also beneficial for duplex printing, so you don’t have to re-feed the paper to get a print on both sides.

3. How will I want to connect to my multifunction copier?

The three main modes of connection to a multifunction copier are a standard USB connector, Ethernet, or wireless capability. If you work in a large office building, wi-fi connectivity can be beneficial for people who are located a distance from the machine. For those in a small space working on laptops using a USB connector isn’t a disadvantage.

4. Am I constantly scanning?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how much you need to use a scanner. Not all multifunction copiers come with this feature, and it may end up being a device you don’t need. The price of a machine can fluctuate depending on what you want to be included, so it’s great to whittle down to just the necessities.

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