By deciding to implement managed print in your office, you have chosen to take control of your printing process. There are a few things you can do before you begin evaluating your printing infrastructure. Set yourself up for success by laying the groundwork for a smooth transition.

1. Observe Your Printing Practices

The first step to take in preparing your office for managed print is to take note of current printing habits. By analyzing your printing practices, you can determine which areas to focus on. It might be that a particular employee prints unnecessarily or that certain tasks can be done digitally.

2. Brainstorm With Your Team

You’ll want to have everyone on board with managed print, and the best way to do that involves your team from the beginning. Have everyone think about their printing practices and then list out ways they could minimize their printing. Going digital is a lot easier than it seems and will improve job functions.

3. Explain Cloud Software

For those unfamiliar with cloud software, the process of storing files digitally can be confusing. Using the cloud is not tangible, and therefore data security might seem weak. Explain how digital document storage works and the layers of security that are involved so that people feel comfortable with the cloud and are less inclined to print.

4. Organize Your Supply Closet

An intended outcome of managed print is saving money through a more organized stock of printing supplies. Prepare your storage space by taking inventory of what you have and take note of how often you are replacing paper and ink.

Once you’ve observed where the bulk of your printing is coming, from you can have a conversation with your team about your printing infrastructure moving forward. The more people are involved and educated on expectations the more willing they will be to help.

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