Printers are the lifeline of many companies. It only makes sense that you would want them to work to the best of their ability while functioning securely. Here are three ways your printer can improve security and efficiency.

1. Wireless Printing

It’s likely that your company has phased out individual printers on desktops. It is much more common for businesses to use network printers that also operate wirelessly. While many people are still printing from desktops, employees are also often printing from their mobile devices. This is a convenient feature but can also pose security issues. Your business should embrace mobile printing for flexibility and still protect your data.

2. Security

Productivity is a priority, but you should always keep security measures in mind. Your printer acts as a computer in the fact that it has a hard drive where data is processed. A public printer is unprotected meaning anyone can send print jobs to the device, but it also means anyone can see the information being handled by a public printer. This is why you need to encrypt your device. You can also add a security layer by requiring a pin code to release print jobs.

3. Customizing User Interface

As you learn the ins and outs of working with your printer, you will discover how you like it set up best. To increase printer efficiency, you should experiment with settings and home screen options. The way you customize your control panel can either increase productivity or irritate.

Mobile printing through a network device has become the standard for businesses. It allows more freedom for employees and if done correctly, won’t compromise security. Besides, you can enhance the safety of your printer with encryption and additional steps such as pin codes. Lastly, you’ll get the most out of your printer by making it your own.

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