Every year it becomes more imperative and socially conscious for businesses to prioritize reducing their impact on the environment. The effort is continuous but does not to be all consuming. By taking a few simple steps, there are areas in your office which can continue to function up to speed while running on greener settings. A great place to start is with your office printer.

Green Printing

1. Print Settings– The easiest place to start is with duplex or double-sided printing. Double-sided printing will automatically reduce your paper consumption. Duplex printing can easily be selected from your printer settings and can even be your default print mode.

2. Remanufactured Print Cartridges– A remanufactured print cartridge is created from recycled empty cartridges. Considering how many printer supplies your business runs through this is an excellent way to reduce your waste. These cartridges are also less expensive and will help cut costs.

3. Managed Print– If you haven’t used a managed print service, it’s an excellent way to go green with your printer. Managed print will assess your printing fleet to make sure your equipment is up to date and not using an excessive amount of energy. It will also be the catalyst to implementing printing processes such as requiring a code to access print jobs. This will eliminate wasted paper from unnecessary copies.

Easy Changes

It can be overwhelming looking at the big picture and wanting to revamp your office systems in one fell swoop. By taking small steps, you can gradually work your way to a greener office. By beginning with your printer, you will have a sense of the number of physical products such as paper and cartridges that you throw away.

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