When you look at your business as a whole, you can try to determine where green initiatives will make the most significant impact. It may be energy consumption, gas emissions, or paper waste. There are all kinds of systems to help create solutions such as managed print. Managed print is one example of analyzing your current processes and making changes that will not only increase sustainability but save you money. Here are three myths about the cost of sustainability.

1. Employees Will be Against Green Initiatives

If you were to ask your employees if they believed in protecting the environment, they are more likely to support green initiatives then not. It is false to think that your company won’t be able to increase sustainability because it’s unsupported. Even more so, Millennials are aware of their impact on the environment. You will attract top talent by talking about your sustainability plan.

2. It Costs More to Go Green

Going green will not cost your money more, in fact, it’s the opposite. Using tools like managed print you can reduce your paper waste, eliminate over-used consumables, and save on energy. Managed print helps everyone in your office become more aware of their printing habits and make changes that are good for the environment.

3. Customers Don’t Care About Green Initiatives

More and more companies are advertising their eco-friendly products and business practices to the public. They do this because they know they can attract a broader customer base by appealing to the need for greater environmental protection. Green initiatives can bring in profits and more customers that you share values with.

Don’t let the myths about the cost of sustainability scare you. There are far more benefits to making changes to protect the environment. To learn how to increase sustainability with tools like managed print, call us today!