Only being able to use a printer from one specific desktop is inefficient and unproductive. Fortunately, in today’s wireless world there are mobile solutions for making the office more accessible wherever you are. Mobile printing allows you to use a printer without being connected to a cord. Here are three benefits of mobile printing.

1. Increase Collaboration Opportunities

Mobile printing removes the need to be in office to print. This opens the door to diverse employee situations as well as expansion plans. If someone is sick or taking leave to stay at home with a partner or child they can still contribute to needed projects. The other situation that mobile printing enhances is offices that are spread out geographically. For company’s who are expanding rapidly, many people will work remote as they set the basis for a new office.

2. Ability to Work on Your Own Device

Office technology comes in all forms and from many different brands. That being said people tend to have a favorite computer or smartphone interface. Mobile printing allows people to use their equipment of choice as they are not tied to a network and connected PCs. If someone wants to bring their laptop to work every day, they will still be able to use mobile printing. Same goes for people who are on the move and want to use their smartphone. Mobile printing increases the accessibility of a printer.

3. App Compatibility

Working with mobile printing means you can take advantage of apps either on your printer or printing device. This gives you the flexibility to edit documents with text or apply changes to images. Some modern printers even have specific apps that allow you to go in-depth with creating an impressive project.

If being able to use printers more freely is something you want in your office, call us today!