Choosing a managed print provider should take some consideration. Here are ten values you should look for.

Performance Metrics

1. Assessment: An analysis of your current printing practices is key to implementing new print structures that will have positive changes.

2. Transition Management: Changing the way your business handles printing will not happen overnight. A successful managed print provider knows how to transition your team the right direction.

3. Infrastructure: A managed print provider that has a solid IT and problem-solving infrastructure already in place will be most beneficial.

4. Business Intelligence: Tracking, measuring, and reporting data should be transparent and readily accessible.

5. Reduced Printing: A prominent and vital metric to judge a managed print provider off, is the amount of printing you can limit. Improved printing infrastructure will help cut out unnecessary printing.

6. Balanced employee-to-device ratios: An analysis of your printing fleet will tell you if you have too many printers and which ones aren’t working efficiently.

7. Machine Performance: A managed print provider will keep tabs on your machine and prevent downtime from overtaking the whole day.

8. De-Stress Your IT Department: By removing the maintenance of your printing fleet from your IT Department’s to-do list, you open their schedule up to working on business-critical tasks.

9. Cost Savings: Your goal upon working with a managed print provider is to reduce your printing costs. You want to make sure this metric is met.

10. Increased Compliance and Security: Your managed print provider should be aware of your industry compliance guidelines and have suggestions for increasing data security.

This is a great list to start with when you are deciding to work with a managed print provider. A well-rounded service will reduce costs, increase security, and indicated that the company is confident in their ability to deliver superior service.

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