Everyone has those days where the office multifunction copier is not working fast enough for them. If this has been you, there is good news! All you need is a quick ten-minute fix to get your documents printing at your desired speed.

Increase Your Output

The quickest way to faster output by your multifunction copier is to start with your settings. First, change the print settings under quality. Selecting the draft feature will speed up your copier. The draft setting is a fine choice if you are mainly printing text documents. Next, if you are printing wirelessly over a network place the printer closer to the router. The closer the two devices are the stronger your connection.

Long Term Solutions

To continue to have a multifunction copier that prints quickly it’s important to maintain your machine. You can do this by always keeping the copier clean. A lint free cloth can wipe the outside of the machine while you should routinely check that dust and debris has not gathered inside the copier or on the paper feed. If you’re ever having difficult issues with your multifunction copier, don’t be tempted to fix it yourself. It’s not worth damaging the machine in the long run. A service professional will make sure you are back up and running with little interruption to your workday.

Your Multifunction Copier is Flexible

If you are hoping to speed up your printing process and save money all it takes is a quick setting change. Also, you can always switch your settings back and forth if you ever need a higher quality document. Proper maintenance and cleaning will also continue to keep your multifunction copier working in prime condition. To learn more about multifunction copiers and other office equipment, give us a call today!