Compliance with GDPR Policies


Sending personal information over the web can be tricky with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Though this system is good in the sense that it ensures the protection of personal information, many businesses are struggling to comply with these policies. Most companies do not realize that compliance is easier than one would think, so we have put together this list to help meet GDPR policies.

Document Encryption

DRM encryption is the most effective way to encrypt these sensitive documents. Here are the proper steps to protect documents:

Simple Recycling Practices for Printer Cartridges

toner cartridges

Businesses all around the country are flying through printer cartridges. Millions of ink and toner cartridges end up in landfills every year and sit there for years based on their lengthy decomposing process. Recycling these old cartridges has never been as important as it is today.

Luckily, there are some incredible solutions available for the modern business who wants to reduce their contribution to the carbon footprint that is left from old cartridges.

Increasing the Life Expectancy of Your Print Equipment

office printer in use

Investing in print equipment is no small matter. When you pick a device for your office, you are buying a machine you hope to last a long time. You may think you’re doing enough by scheduling regular maintenance appointments, but there is, even more, you can do to ensure your equipment has a long, efficient life.

Here are four tips for lengthening your printer’s lifespan:

Buying Vs. Leasing Office Equipment

pros vs cons

The office equipment universe is an expansive one, with a plethora of brands, features, and devices to choose from. Making the right decisions for office equipment is an ordeal in itself, but there is another question to consider after you’ve determined what your business needs:

Should my business buy or lease office equipment?

While there might not be a right or wrong answer, one option might be a better fit for your company than the other. Let’s consider some pros and cons of each.


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