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How to Determine Print Policies with Managed Print

Nothing big happens overnight, and new processes such as managed print can throw some people for a loop. Paper has always had a role to play and business and won’t disappear anytime soon. Only now we have the technology to transition from dependence on paper documents to a more digitized work environment. Managed print services will evaluate your printing infrastructure and make recommendations to improve daily operations.

The Facts: What Managed Print Is Really About

There is a lot of information floating around about what managed print is and who it is for. To clarify why exactly you might want managed print, here are the facts.

You Don’t Need New Equipment

Just because you are enlisting a managed print service does not mean you need new printers or copiers. Part of managed print is assessing your printing fleet to see if your equipment is running efficiently. If your fleet is up to date and at the level of productivity that you need, then there is no reason to invest in new machines.

3 Ways Managed Print Will Save You Money

In business, it is always true that saving money happens when you pay attention to the details. When you take a look at the organization of your printers and printer supplies, you might find you could use a little help. Managed print takes your office’s printing infrastructure and enhances it to increase productivity while saving you money. Here are three ways managed print makes that happen.


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