NSi™ Output Manager™

NSi Output Manager is an integrated print management solution. It creates accountability by tracking print usage data per user, controls access through authentication, and has built-in reporting capabilities. Pro-active maintenance alerts and automatic failover help keep your print environment running smoothly, and rules-based printing helps control costs by directing print jobs to efficient devices. Administrative tools such as batch configuration help you save time managing your printer fleet.



  • NSi Output Manager gives you a suite of administrative tools to help you control your print environment, minimize output costs, and optimize the performance of your printer fleet
  • Who Should Use - Organizations looking for an integrated solution to track print usage data, control device access, enable guest printing, and keep the fleet running


  • Access Control for Output Devices
  • Restriction of User Printing Privileges
  • Rules-Based Printing
  • Print Failover
  • Device Monitoring
  • Secure Print Release
  • Mobile Printing
  • Guest Printing
  • Reporting & Charge-backs
  • Mixed Fleet Printing Environments


  • Ensure printed documents are only collected from print devices by their rightful owners
  • Create accountability, control access and restrict user privileges to reduce printing costs
  • Fix output issues before they happen
  • Cut down on IT support or help desk intervention
  • Offer flexible and safe printing for mobile users and guests
  • Keep your print environment working and information flowing
  • Unify scan and print processes
  • Spend less time managing multiple devices with just one driver


  • Requires authentication via company ID badge, swipe card, proximity card, keypad or mobile phone to access output devices
  • All copy and print activity is recorded
  • Rules-based printing redirects print jobs to lower-cost devices, forces duplex, or restricts color usage
  • Print failover routes print jobs to other online devices when a device is down
  • Secure Print Release holds print jobs in the queue until users are present at the MFP
  • Guest Print Release lets guests email print jobs directly to a printer; prints can be retrieved using a release code at the device
  • Pre-formatted reports give print volume and cost by user, department, application, or device
  • Pop-ups display declining balances, job costs and lower cost alternatives
  • Keep precise billing and budgeting records for charge-back
  • User can be alerted to the status of their documents either by email, text or pop up notifications on their computer


  • Integrates with existing network credentials, including LDAP and Active Directory
  • Pro-active alerts such ‘paper jam’ or ‘low supply’ let you fix issues before they happen
  • Set device limits by user, application, color usage and many other attributes
  • Configure the Universal PostScript Driver to let users print to any manufacturer’s device using a single print driver
  • No need for client licenses – purchase licenses by device, not user
  • The 'Print Only' license for MFPs includes scan-to-email and scan-to-folder capabilities
  • The printer license covers 20 printers
  • Purchase with AutoStore Express or Workflow or add it to an existing AutoStore v6 installation for a comprehensive management suite


  • AutoStore Express
  • AutoStore Workflow