NSi™ Mobile™

NSi™ Mobile™ is a productivity app for businesses and organizations in need of extending business processes to their mobile workforces by capturing data, accessing files, and printing all from their mobile device. 



  • NSi™ Mobile is a productivity app for businesses and organizations in need of extending business processes to their mobile workforces. With NSi™ Mobile, remote workers can securely send documents, photographs, and other electronic files into any number of business applications. What’s more, NSi™ Mobile provides mobile workforces with the flexibility to complete business forms on their device, virtually eliminating the need for paper-based forms used today. And for teams working in the office, NSi™ Mobile offers a secure means to “on-demand” print sensitive documents to a network printer.


  • Capture on-the-go.
  • Mobile eForms.
  • Barcode scanning with lookup.
  • eSignature.
  • Geo-tagging information.
  • Secure file access.
  • Secure mobile print.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint - Mobile browse & print.


  • Extend your workflow to your mobile workforce.
  • Tap into the company network from wherever they are.
  • Acknowledge consent, anywhere, anytime.
  • Add value to your mobile documents and photographs by associating latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Submit your documents for printing anywhere, anytime, as you work.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of field collected data.
  • Attach a SharePoint file to a business process, or print, when on the go.
  • Return values stored in backend databases and use it for indexing data in real-time.


  • Insurance adjusters process claims more efficiently by electronically submitting photos of the damages while on site.
  • Home healthcare professionals no longer need to carry paper forms from location to location. They can gather and submit the important information quickly on their tablets, allowing them to devote more time to patient care.
  • Asset managers easily inventory and audit equipment throughout the enterprise by simply reading the barcode on each asset with their smart phones.
  • Security firm managers can use historical location data to audit security officers’ check point visits.
  • Financial services consultants can use eForms to enter customer data directly and securely into the company’s CRM.
  • Social services workers can utilize eSignature on their smart devices to obtain permission to access the client’s records when providing home-based services.
  • Construction inspectors can use location coordinates to validate the point of inspection.
  • Human resource managers can securely print employee confidential information at any company location.


  • Supports “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD).
  • All data is encrypted, and is communicated securely over HTTPS. Once synchronized, data is automatically purged from the device.
  • Using Active Directory, logging in to the app is governed by the same strict IT policies used for Windows machines.
  • Data is never stored on the device, so there is little worry about corporate information being compromised if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Common experience on tablet and smartphone.
  • Runs on iOS and Android.


  • NSi Output Manager
  • NSi AutoStore