3 Myths About the Cost of Sustainability

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When you look at your business as a whole, you can try to determine where green initiatives will make the most significant impact. It may be energy consumption, gas emissions, or paper waste. There are all kinds of systems to help create solutions such as managed print. Managed print is one example of analyzing your current processes and making changes that will not only increase sustainability but save you money. Here are three myths about the cost of sustainability.

5 Smart Strategies for Buying Multifunction Copiers

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Multifunction copiers are the backbone of a business. They provide copies, print documents, scan files, and some can even fax. Buying a machine should take careful consideration. Here are five smart strategies.

1. Print Volume

The type of multifunction copier you end up buying should match your print volume. Machines are built to handle different loads, and you don’t want to overspend or end up with a device that can’t handle your output.

What You Risk Without Managed Print

managed print

Have you ever considered the actual cost of your printing fleet? There are the upfront costs and consumable expenses, but there are hidden costs that can escape you. Managed print services analyze your environment and will make improvement recommendations. Here’s what you risk without managed print.


Without managed print documents are left on printer trays where they are either forgotten, taken by someone else, or lost. If these files contain confidential information, this system puts your security at risk.


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