Tips for Nonprofits: Protecting Data on Multifunction Copiers

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Today's copiers do a lot more than just "copy." The truth is that, while multifunction devices are copying, scanning, faxing, and printing, they're also storing your data on their hard drives--which means that you've got one more thing to be responsible for when it comes to your clients' data. Here are a few tips for protecting that information!

Safe and Efficient Multifunction Copiers

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As the digital world gets more and more dangerous, businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to find ways to minimize their risks and stay safe without sacrificing efficiency. Unfortunately, when it comes to security issues, many companies are quick to point fingers at their multifunction copiers. The truth is that these machines can be safe and efficient--if you know a few easy tricks, that is.

Copier Dealer Wisdom: Understanding Copier Lifespans

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Being a copier owner means you've got a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure the copier is secure, efficient, and well-maintained, and you've always got to give it the right combination of consumables to ensure that it's working well. However, perhaps your most important job as a copier owner is knowing when it's time to get rid of an old machine. That's why we're sharing some copier dealer wisdom about the lifespan of your copier!


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