The Real Cost of Printing


Could your print devices, workflows, and habits secretly be sabotaging your budget? It sounds a little alarming, but the truth is that "the real cost of printing" might be a lot more than you expect. Here's how to find out where your money is going--and how to make sure your budget is safe!

Real Costs

Printing isn't as simple--or as cheap--as it might seem at first glance. Sure, it's easy to get into the habit of ordering supplies, making repairs, and upgrading machines without overthinking about the price. However, since printing is a necessary and routine part of every business day--the truth is that those habits could be costing you.

Here are a few often-overlooked things that add up to the "real cost" of printing:

  • paper, ink, and toner costs,
  • machine maintenance,
  • machine repairs,
  • downtime,
  • and security.

That's a lot more than the price-tag on your machine!

Luckily, there's some good news: managed print services makes it easy to identify and control these costs. It is even helping you save money by improving your habits and strengthening organizations throughout your company. This is all possible thanks to an in-depth print audit, which provides transparency on things like what you print, how much, and how often. All so that you can break bad habits and find targeted solutions for your biggest budget problems. The real cost of printing can be a huge pain--but managed print helps you recognize and control all the moving parts in your print environment. That way, you and your budget can rest easy!

Are you worried that the real cost of printing is too high? Are you looking for ways to save money without cutting corners? Contact us today to get started with managed print!