How to Stay Organized with Multifunction Copiers

copier in use

When you bought your multifunction copier, you knew that it combined print, copy, fax, and scan features--but did you know that your multifunction copier can also help you stay organized? It's true--and today, we'll prove it.

Don't Copiers Add to Clutter?

Well, the answer is sometimes--but only if you let things get out of hand. The truth is that, although the job of multifunction copiers is to make more paper for you to keep track of, you can also use this powerful machine to help you manage, organize, and protect all of your documents. All you need to do is take a few minutes to make a "plan of attack," and then, with your multifunction copier on your side, it'll be easier than ever to get organized and stay organized.

Let's get started!

Tip #1: Make three piles.

The easiest way to get organized when it comes to stacks of paper sitting on every flat surface is to follow the "three pile" rule. The first pile is for trash and recycling, the second pile is for sensitive documents that need to be shredded, and the third pile is for anything that needs to be scanned--which is where your multifunction copier becomes an invaluable tool.

Tip #2: Focus on one thing at a time.

It can be tempting to try to handle multiple jobs at once, but getting rid of clutter is easiest if you don't multitask. Instead, give yourself a time limit and focus on one task--and when time is up, take a break.

Tip #3: Manage what you print.

Your multifunction copier can print just about anything, but that doesn't mean it should. Try to manage your printing and copying habits so that you're only using paper when you need to; instead of hitting "print," try making digital copies and working online.

Multifunction copiers can do more than just copy, print, fax, and scan. To find out more everyday benefits of a multifunction copier, contact us today!